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Effective Content Marketing

Have you ever asked yourself, why a site has many visitors, but the most part of them does not stay on this site? Why people scan 1-2 pages and leave without buying anything? At first glance, this issue is tough. But it is not so. The answer is simple: it is necessary to make the resource interesting and useful for visitors.

Even when we talk about a regular online store. This problem can be solved in relation to a new advertisement – the content marketing.  It allows finding an effective channel of communication with a potential customer — unobtrusive, friendly, credible. Our SEO Dubai company uses this method to promote dozens of websites effectively!

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Forms of Content Marketing

The motivation of site visitors to purchase something with the help of information materials — the primary purpose of the method of project promotion. To implement this idea, these formats or communication channels can be used:

  • A blog;
  • The answers to the questions;
  • Posts in social networks;
  • Useful articles.

Publication of materials can pursue entertainment or educational purposes. For social networks, the first option is more suitable, on the website or on the blog, for promotion and other purposes, purely informational article are usually published.

Features of Good Texts

  • Stylistically unique. A style of articles should match the overall concept of the website in the promotion.
  • Simple and easy for perception. Avoid cliches, bureaucratese, which only evoke boredom and which are not perceived at reading.
  • Justifying expectations. The user needs to locate the desired information in the materials, so it is very important to reveal the theme 100 %.
  • Useful and interesting. Present your information briefly, concisely. Extensive texts in five-ten pages, nobody reads.

The visualization has a great importance, and not only for promotion the site due to the articles. Supply texts with images, infographics, use video.

Inform-S - SEO Dubai Company in UAE

And the most important thing! The key rule of content creation is no hint of selling and advertising. The fact is that the client, who comes to the resource through the content of your activity, initially aimed to buy. His main task is to decide, where to do it: on your website or to go to competitors. Do not spoil impression about yourselves by intrusive advertising.

Content Marketing and SEO

Many specialists in the promotion perceive the content marketing as a component of optimization. Indeed, the articles can and should be used as one of SEO tools. However, the site promotion with the help of the articles in pure form, i.e., through their optimizing for the keys is already in the past.

To focus attention on this aspect and mindlessly inserted into the texts key phrases has no meaning. The users will not receive artificial articles, stuffed with unnatural keys, and the search system will estimate such content low. Even if you want to extract benefits for SEO from the material, do not use artificial, illogical verbal constructions, which do not fit in the text. It is better to insert the key phrases randomly or completely exclude them from the text than to make this text unreadable or uninteresting.

By the way, about the "scatter." For those who do not know all the features of the use of queries:

  • Phrases like “salon of luxury fur coats Paris,” of course, can be entered in exactly this form, but this is undesirable, because, in the text, they will look unnatural. Therefore, in the search engine optimization due to articles using the exact occurrences of such keyword queries, the effect can be, on the contrary, negative;
  • you can use a word form, for example, “a salon of elite fur coats in Dubai”;
  • you can spread the words of this phrase through the text inside a paragraph or a sentence: “especially popularity salon of elite fur has in autumn when inhabitants of Paris prepare for the cold weather and pick up a winter wardrobe.”

The most organic option is the last. Although, the second is also has the right to life, despite its banality.

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