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Why us?

We are a team of young, passionate, experienced professionals. If you are ready to actively keep up with us, you are prepared for the following stages.

So you made a choice in favor of our company. The probation period for young specialists will be one to two months instead of three. It is enough that you are with us, and we appreciated you.

Position involves an independent specialist tasks. At this stage, you can take as long as you want - you can grow professionally, mastering related areas.

Leading specialist - this is our hope and support. If you have a few of those responsibilities, you want more responsibility, are ready to share their experience with newcomers, and to be a mentor for them.

Head direction you can be, in cases if your department has increased or if there was a need to create an entirely new unit.

At the top of this position is the head of department, responsible for everything that happens with the team entrusted to him. If your skills are in no doubt, and leadership qualities are best - this post is for you!

The most responsible position - is to be the right hand of the company. We do not promise you that the path to the post will be fast and easy, but our current deputy general director started his journey to the top with a bottom position, just like you are now.


We understand that the company's growth and its success is not possible without a team of professionals. And do not expect to have specially trained people. Instead, we have created a development system from scratch.

  • Education at the entrance:
    Perhaps yesterday you knew nothing about search engine marketing, SEO and cold calls. Coming to our welcome training, you're already on the third day start to communicate with customers in the same language.
  • The development is in the process:
    We organize professional development for staff through training both in-house and off-site seminars, webinars and conventional flying detachment with the exchange of experiences.
  • Mentoring / coaching:
    We have more than 100 people, but we honestly try to find time for everyone who is interested in the development of the new staff. If the thirst for knowledge is strong, we are ready to arrange individual interviews to help you develop the necessary competence.


We have more than 100 people, 7 departments, and all positions are open on the basis of our corporate culture.

Over the 17-year history, we have tried to maintain, despite the strong growth, a homely comfortable environment. We have no tendency to complicate simple and aspirations bureaucratize the processes. We can knock on the door of the CEO and get an answer to your question. The average age of our staff - 25 years. Chiefs - 30 years.

We have instilled a tradition of weekly "sweet" days, when all department colleagues gather at a table with tea and cakes and discuss whatever they want. Happy birthday, wedding and other significant events, we congratulate the whole team, marching solemnly along the corridor. Corporate events are lovely whether it is the New Year in a restaurant, outings or to participate in any marathon. If colleagues have an interesting idea for the leisure - we are happy to hear it, and possibly support!

By the way, out of the office, we offer a great view of the marina. Walking along the promenade, sunbathing on the beach or playing volleyball - for us it is the usual way to spend lunch. If you do decide to stay in the office be prepared for various board games and table tennis.



We love what we do, and doubly pleased that the company allows us to directly affect the level of income.

To ensure that our employees can receive a salary to commensurate with the ambitions, does not necessarily work without days off and stay at work. We have no ceiling on wages, all employees receive income directly proportional to the professionalism and effort.

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