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Yacht Party Etiquettes that You Must Follow

Are you planning to get on-board a charter boat? Getting a yacht party invite is a great way to unwind; the cruise ride is blissful and fun. Well, there are some few etiquettes that you can adhere to so that you don’t end up a spoiler for others having fun. You came to have fun, and therefore, you must follow some simple guidelines that will ensure you have one of the highlights being on-board a yacht. If you don’ t, well, you may spoil your voyage. Here are some observations to keep in mind as you set sail in the open waters.

Yacht Party Etiquettes

The Barefoot Rule

You must follow this rule, and ignorance may mean you have to fork out more to cater to damages. Well, here is the deal, yacht decks are made from teak wood, which can easily be damaged by heels or stout shoes. Don’t ignore this rule at any cost. The crew will inform you in advanced about leaving your shoes behind for the very reason. Teak wood is not only susceptible to damage, but it is also expensive too. Nevertheless, you can ask to bring a pair of clean slippers to wear onboard.

Show Respect to the Captain and the Crew

Courtesy costs nothing. The crew is there to serve you, a show of politeness and patience while being attended to is a thoughtful sign on your part to ensure you get the very best. The crew works tirelessly to ensure that you, as a guest, is having fun. Therefore, it's essential to treat them with the same amount of respect you would offer to a high- end establishment. Don’t give the captain a hard time while navigating the yacht.

Dress Appropriately

Modesty is the word! However, it depends on your host, was there a dress code communicated earlier? Be sure to privy to such information so that you don’t stand out as the odd one out. Being inappropriately dressed can be quite awkward. Also, if you are going to be out in the open waters till late in the night, be sure to bring along a suitcase with attires for the night. The best way will be to inquire by visiting a reputable firm like https://www.sevenyachts.ae/ for tips on clothing if there’s no formal attire before you embark on the yacht.

Dress for Yacht

Don’t Obsess When You meet VIPs

Sometimes on a yacht party, there could be celebrities on board gracing the event. Because with an expensive gathering like a mega-yacht party, comes the meeting of the famous and wealthy. Don’t freak out when you see a person you admire. Keep calm, network in a dignified manner. You made it. If you meet a famous person you know, take a second and breathe, don’t be an over-enthusiastic guest, you will come out as a bit backward. Remember to avoid any contact at all if you are unsure whether you can keep your cool; you don’t want to end up on gossip corner as the uncouth one.

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