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What You Should Know About Modern PABX Systems And Installation

PABX System Installation

PABX systems are becoming more popular choices for even smaller organizations today, because the technology provides many advantages that fit in perfectly with the modern organization setup.

Today, companies need communication systems to be reliable and fast, along with the calls and correspondence reaching the right person or set of people whenever required.

Like any other technology in the office, the phone systems have also evolved a lot in recent times, adding many more useful features than just making calls, and receiving integration with the internet as well.

Small Office PBX System

The full form of PBX is private branch exchange. In a small office setup, the regular PBX is combined with unified communications.

The regular PBX system as we know it is one which connects all the employees in a company with each other, and the phone system. In most cases, a control room, call center, or server is used to receive the multiple calls and lines.

This system transfers the calls to where they need to be sent.

The small office PBX system used today also has the unified communications feature, which keeps in mind the special needs of small companies.

Most PABX companies therefore provide an IP-based system, in addition to useful features such as messages and collaboration.

Benefits For Your Business

  • Data and voice can be used on the same network
  • Make additions to the phone system as you add more employees and phone units
  • User-friendly interface for easy installation and tweaks
  • Tools that can allow administrators to see the status and location of all the other users on the network
  • Calls can be forwards easily to any phone or mobile, according to your needs

PABX System Installation in Dubai

Installation Process In Brief

PABX System installation in Dubai by Hyperactive includes the following steps:

  • The first step is to find a place that is suitable to connect all the units and employees in the office
  • The main unit is attached to the wall
  • Circuit cards for voicemail have separate slots and are placed into the main unit
  • Connect your phone lines to the PABX unit with the cables
  • Then you will place a phone line from the main unit to all the phones you want to connect to the network
  • The main unit will light up when it is plugged in to power
  • After this you have to turn on the phone lines of the other units in the office and check for the proper signal
  • A professional or the handbook by the manufacturer of the unit can help you code the unit
  • The last step is to test all your units by placing calls

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