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What is malware?

You must have heard the word malware a number of times and if you aren’t aware of it and don’t know what it stand for, then read this blog as it will enlighten you about it and its different types.

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What is malware?

It’s a malicious software written for the purpose of compromising a certain system and stealing the important data from that system. These written programmes may be used to perform a number of functions like stealing of data, erasing the data, modifying system’s core functionalities, and tracking of victim’s important data without the user knowing it.

A number of factors can result in the installation of malware in your system. One of these factors is running an operating system that is old or a pirated version of it is running, which is a clear opening for the cyber criminals to attack your system.

Another reason for downloading of malicious programmes on the system can be clicking or tapping on links that are unknown or while you are installing a pirated software.

Types of malware


It is a program that can infect a software and disable or modify the core functionality of a system. A virus replicates itself into data files, programs or boot sector of a computer’s hard drive resulting in making the files inaccessible.


Trojans are known for creating backdoors in the security that allows the cybercriminals to completely monitor the activities remotely. This type of malware disguises itself as legal software.


As the name suggests, it’s a malware used to spy anyone. It hides itself in the background and keeps on monitoring all the online activities that include passwords, credit card numbers, chats, browsing history, habits and other important information. Spyware is so advanced that it can record keystrokes, has the ability to video monitor you via your webcam and also listens the chats from the microphone.


A type of spyware that records the keys typed by a person and where these keys are typed. All these logs are then sent to the cybercriminal, who then analysis this information to find out the specific information they are after like passwords, chats, credit card info and others.

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How to stay safe from malware

If you want to stay safe from malware, these are the things that you need to do.

  • Make sure you are using anti-virus software that is legitimate.
  • Always remember not to download any fake software because chances are it may contain malware.
  • Don’t click on any pop-ups while you are visiting any website.
  • Your operating system should always be updated.
  • No downloading of pirated apps or software as these can contain malwares as well.

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