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Alarm Systems for Your House

Nowadays the alarm in a private house became a necessity. It can save your property, and even your life in some cases. But there is such a variety of alarms, sensors and other equipment that an ordinary person can get confused.

Types of Alarms

Security alarm

Such kind of alarm is designed to protect internal areas of the house and its surrounding area.
There are several types of intrusion sensors:

  • Vibration sensors – they are used to protect walls from any breach.
  • Vibration and triboelectric sensors – they respond to vibration and mechanical impact.
  • Motion sensors (volumetric) – they allow you to track the location and movement of a third person inside the house. There are also models which do not react to animals moving around.
  • Sensors with a directional diagram of detection.
  • Infra-red sensors – they react to movement.
  • Facade sensors – these include sensors of broken glass (acoustic), magnetic door contact sensors, etc.

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Fire Alarm

Such alarm is designed to warn the owners of a house on the occurrence of fire. Fire alarm system in the house is also divided into several types depending on the used sensors:

  • Heat detectors react to temperature changes in the house or on a certain temperature level (sets by the owner).
  • Smoke detectors – they respond to the appearance of smoke in the room.

Types of Burglar Alarm Systems

Such alarms can be divided into two types:

  • Autonomous alarm system. If the security system is triggered, it activates the strobe flash, sirens, and other signaling devices which indicate the unauthorized entry of a person into the territory of the estate or in the house. In this case, the alarm will not be transmitted – only the owner will know about its activation.
  • "Control panel protection." In this case, the alarm system is connected to the control panel. When the alarm is triggered the signal is sent to the police office or the security company.

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