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Key Simultaneous Interpretation Equipments One Cannot Compromise On

Simultaneous interpretation is the oral translation of the speech using either infrared or radio frequency-based technology equipment. This type of translation is time-based since the interpreter needs to interpret the words as the address continues. The interpreter, therefore, has to ensure there is no delay between the interpretation and the output they provide the listeners.

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipments in Dubai

Global conferences and meetings have become the norm, but language barriers are the biggest hindrance. The simultaneous interpretation has been used as a breach of these language barriers. It does so by providing delegates equal opportunities to be heard and also to give their opinion in their language. Since this type of interpretation is done in real-time, none of the messages gets lost or distorted. Dubai plays host to several international conferences. But for these conferences to be successful, the simultaneous interpretation equipment in Dubai needs to be top notch. Here are some essential devices used to make the process a success.

Interpreter Headset

The interpreter headset is what an interpreter uses to listen to the speech they need to interpret. An ideal headset is a binaural one. Binaural headsets are the ones which enable an interpreter to hear the words to be translated with both their ears. It should also be lightweight and should also be able to reproduce quality sound.

The Interpretation Booth

An interpretation booth is where the interpreters are stationed. The booth is designed to ensure optimal work conditions for better results. For the interpreters to work effectively, they need to be in a quiet environment free from external sounds. The booth is assembled on location, and an ideal booths assembly process should take the least time possible. It may be assembled in the conference room or at a remote or secluded location. In this case, video monitors should be installed to help the interpreters have a visual of the people speaking.

Simultaneous Equipments in Dubai

The Interpreter Console

The interpreter console is the core work station for interpreters. The system allows them to receive, control and eventually transmit audio. Two interpreters may share one console but still use individual microphones. A single console can handle interpretation for up to 5 different languages. They also have several other important features including mute and slow keys that assist in easing the translation process for the interpreters. It is advisable you use gadgets that conform to internationally agreed standards.

Audience Receivers

Audience receivers are the gadgets used by the conference participants to get the translated speech from the interpreters. There have been improvements made to these receivers’ overtime that has resulted in high-quality sound distribution. Initially, the audio transmission would be distorted by room lighting. But with the use of higher frequency bands, now the sound received by the delegates is clear making the whole experience comfortable.

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